DoNow Quickstart and Support Documents

About DoNow

DoNow was designed to be a calendar and task manager, all-in-one. Create events in the in-app calendar and attach task items to do during that time. If you create a category and add events and tasks to it, tasks from that category will be automatically added to the task list for events in that category.

Getting Started with DoNow

  1. Create a category for your tasks and events.
    • Navigate to the "Categories" tab.
    • Hit the "+" button in the top right corner.
    • Name your category (ex. "Work", "Home", "Personal").
    • Click "Add".
  2. Create a task or event in your new category.
    • While in the "Categories" tab, navigate to your new category by clicking on the name of the category.
    • Click the "+" sign under "Tasks" or "Events" and begin typing the name of your task or event.
    • Tap the "i" icon next to the title to enter the task/event editor OR hit enter/return to quick-add the new item.
  3. Attach tasks to calendar events.
    • While in the "Home" or "Calendar" tabs, click on an event to enter the event view (or hold and drag to create a new event).
    • Hit the "..." icon next to tasks in the "Other Tasks" category to attach the task to the current event to mark the task a something to do during that time.
    • Check off tasks to mark them as done and move them to the archive. NOTE: Attached tasks that are not checked off in their designated event will roll over to the next event in that category.

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