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DoNow was designed to be a calendar and task manager, all-in-one. Create time slots in the in-app calendar and attach task items to do during that time. If you create a category and add time slots and tasks to it, tasks from that category will be automatically added to the task list for time slots in that category.


Unique Features

100% Free

DoNow is a new app. Be one of the first to try out its amazing features for free.

User Friendly

Easily add time slots to your calendar and attach tasks to get done during that time.

Task Reminders

Get notified when your time slot starts and what tasks you want to accomplish


DoNow keeps track of tasks so you do not have to.


View your calendars across all your devices.


Use it as a calendar. Use it as a task list. You decide the best approach to increase your productivity.

How It Works?

Automated Task Management

You mark down timeframes that you want to be productive and the tasks that you want to do, and DoNow will take care of the rest with reminders and grouping.

No Cost

100% Free

Use DoNow at no cost to you.



Our Pricing Plan


  • Unlimited Tasks
  • Unlimited Timeslots
  • Unlimited Categories
  • Calendar Importing
  • Free Reminders
  • Productivity Automation
$0 /mo

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Start managing your productivity with calendar and task reminder automation.

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